In my 20 plus years in the film/video production business I have worked with hundreds of clients on a wide range of projects across all platforms. The only constant is change. No two shoot days are alike, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Below is a small sample of the work I’ve done.


“Sleepless in “America”
National Geographic
“American Pickers”
History Channel
“Hidden City”
Travel Channel
“Desperate Measures”
Discovery ID
“Locked Up Abroad”
National Geographic
“The Science of Things”
“American Justice”
History Channel
“Art 21: Art in the 21st Century”
“Web Of Lies”
Discovery ID
“Man Vs. Food”
Travel Channel
“Witness: Joplin”
National Geographic
“What They Believe”
“Dinner Impossible”
Food Network
“Matter of Fact w/Soledad O’Brien”
Hearst TV
History Channel
“Through the Wormhole
with Morgan Freeman”
Discovery Science Channel
“If We Built it Today”
Discovery Science
“The Daily Show”
Comedy Central
“Judgement With Ashleigh Banfield”
Court TV


• Mini USA
• Bank Of America
• Harley Davidson
• Allstate
• Northern Trust
• Yeti
• Jaguar
• Mountain Dew
• Columbia College
• Rivers Casinos
• Northwestern University
• GE
• Gatorade
• Crains Business
• Marriott
• Dyson
• Ikea
• Shinola
• Venta
• Cellular One
• Dovetail Brewery
• Mercer Healthcare


“The Dotted Line”
Additional Camera
Directed by Morgan Spurlock
ESPN 30 for 30
Camera Operator
Directed by Louis CK
Additional Camera
Directed by James Allen Smith
“The Interrupters”
Additional Camera
Directed by Steve James
“City Under Water”
Directed by Tracy Ullman
“Facing Life”
Directed by Shane DuBow
and David Boodel
“House of Suh”
Additional Camera
Directed by Iris Shim
“The Hunting Ground”
Additional Camera
Directed by Kirby Dick


• Heartland Alliance
• Conquer Cancer Foundation
• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
• Urban Land Institute
• Northside Housing Alliance
• Chicago Symphony Orchestra
• MacArthur Foundation
• Teachinng Channel
• League of Conservation Voters
• Foundation for Blindness Prevention
• Emily’s List
• Chicago Federation of Labor
• American Red Cross
• George Lucas Foundation
• Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
• Covenant Foundation