Damon delivers! In a recent client project, Damon’s expertise was put to the test. With amateur actors, no scripts and many last minute changes, Damon made all of us look good and sound great! He knows how to work under pressure, deliver on time and within budget. A true professional and asset to any team!
Carol Semrad, SPHR
C. Semrad & Associates

Hi Damon, thanks for the great work these past couple of days. It was a pleasure to work with you and Derek and Nick. Please extend my thanks to them. We don’t always pick up crews that are as competent and nice as you guys.
Paul Stern
Vox Productions Boston MA.

During my first shoot working with Damon, I realized he was a keeper when knee-deep, sinking in quicksand as we were filming b-roll next to the Mississippi River for an episode of When Weather Changed History, he calmly handed me the camera and said, “you better take this”. Clearly more concerned about the footage than his own welfare, I realized right away the level of his dedication. ‘Nuff said, but if you still have any question about the value added of having him on a shoot, he’s also got mad skills in lighting and composition and truly understands how to get the coverage needed to communicate the story.
Sam Sanders
Green River Films Chicago Il

Just a note to say you guys did an awesome job (as usual) on our recent shoot in Kentucky. You made long days and challenging circumstances productive and fun. The work is terrific, and our editor is complaining about having “too much great stuff. Damn you, Hennessey. And thanks.
Nancy Saslow
MEg TV San Francisco CA

You and your team really outdid yourselves last week. Everything is just beautiful AND you were so great to collaborate with! Really. Beautiful work. Give my thanks to Jeremy and Marcus for a job well done! xoxo
Cheryl Ross Mitchell

I have worked with a lot of DP’s and Damon is as good as they get. Extremely creative, very hard working, great to work with!
Starr Sutherland
Atypical Project
San Francisco CA